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Author: Sacha Elms   Date Posted:19 April 2018 

What Barbell Should I buy? - Learn from the Experts!

Choose your weapon - Purchasing Barbells at Again Faster



Starting any business is tricky – it encompasses huge investments of time and money. Knowing what to buy and when can be a significant distressing factor in the mind of any business man or woman.

Building a gym is no different.

At Again Faster, we are committed to helping you buy the right products that suit you in the situation unique to you. Whether that be starting a new gym as a business, building your first ever home gym, or making some upgrades to the business you’ve owned for over 10 years.

In this article, we begin to provide tips and advice in regards to purchasing barbells with Again Faster.


The Evolution Barbell »

If you are just starting your gym, or building a home gym, the Evolution Barbell is the choice for you.

It has been widely known as the “work horse” of the Again Faster Barbell stock. Proven over time from being distributed over the decade with Again Faster Australia, this barbell’s resilience knows little other match in the industry. As it has been designed specifically for day in, day out, punishing workouts, this ball bearing bar is the perfect option when you are starting out your gym. The bar is also strong, with the PSI rating being 209,000 (PSI is an acronym for pounds per square inch, and can be useful in gauging how resistant the bar is to lasting damage from heavy loads) . Not only this, the knurling on the barbell is slightly smoother than most other bars - meaning that the likelihood of tearing your thumbs or hands, as well as scraping your legs or collarbone is significantly diminished. Due to the reduced wear and tear on your body, this means that you will also be able to hold on for more reps.

This barbell also has a bright zinc finish, which means it possesses the ultimate rust prevention, and keeps it looking professional for the years to come, and who doesn’t like a bit of shine?

To top the Evolution Bar off, it is our lowest priced barbell, and when you buy in bulk, you save. Hence, the Evolution barbell is particularly useful if you are on a tight budget, which is usually the case when starting a new business venture.

This bar is the perfect choice for any starting their own gym, or looking to replace the old bars sitting in the ‘equipment graveyard”. These high quality reliable bars won’t let you down. 



The Team Barbell 2.0 »

Much like the Evolution Barbell, the Team barbell 2.0 has proven itself over time. The biggest differentiating factor of this bar would be the needle bearing component (as opposed to ball bearing). What this means is that the spin of the bar is much faster and smooth, thus increasing the transition speed of your lift, which then greatly increases your potential for successful heavy lifts – in other words - PB city.

The bar is strong, with the same PSI rating of the Evolution Barbell – 209,000.

For athletes, this barbell is ideal for you if you are regularly training heavy lifts. For business owners, this bar will give you a professional edge – your clients will immediately recognise and appreciate the quality of the bar. In addition, not only does the bar function incredibly well, it also looks fantastic, with three different colour choices which you can see here .

This barbell is a great addition to your repertoire, and is a fantastic choice for you once your gym has been comfortably running, or if you are building your own home gym and the need for buying many barbells isn’t necessary. And, like the Evolution barbell, when you buy in bulk, you save.



7kg Training Bar »

This bar is perfect for beginner athletes who are in between working with a dowel and our 15kg bars. It has an added benefit of having the capacity to hold 15kg plates, which can save time and room in classes. Buy this barbell to give your clients versatility, and increase their confidence working with a bar.



Klokov Barbell »

Our Klokov barbells are the highest quality of our range – built with maximum efficiency in mind, this weapon is for those who want no compromises in their training. This bar is built with 10 needle bearings for an effortless spin, and is the strongest of all our bars (PSI of 235,000). The Klokov barbell is ideal for those looking maximize the efficiency of their Olympic lifts, and who are training these lifts on a frequent basis throughout the week. This bar is also ideal for gym owners who want to stand out – your clients will immediately notice the quality of the bar, and appreciate your care and effort in providing this level of quality for them to use.



Klokov Sports Barbell »

The Klokov Sport Barbell, much like the Klokov Barbell, is extremely efficient. The main differentiating factor is that it has a passive diamond knurling, with no knurling in the centre, which means it is much kinder on the body during high repetition workouts. We strongly recommend purchasing this extremely high quality barbell if your budget allows.



Klokov Sports Barbell »

This barbell is perfect for any Olympic Weightlifting style competition, with the weight and dimensions meeting the IWF weight specifications, as well as the IWF and IPF requirements for knurl mark spacing. The knurling is also a slightly more aggressive diamond pattern than on our other barbells, meaning that the amount of grip you have on the bar is uncompromised. This bar is also the strongest in the industry, being 246,000 PSI. Purchase this bar if you want the ultimate lifting experience.



Stay posted for more articles to come on how many barbells to buy, maintenance on your bars, and financing your gym equipment. If there are any topics you would like us to write about, let us know in the comments section!

Happy lifting!


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