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Cheap prices vs service and support. What's the trade off?

By: Adam Lesniak   On: 25 July 2018

You want to feel like you are getting value for money when you buy your fitness equipment. Read on and we'll help protect you from getting disappointed with your purchase...

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BARBELLS - What Type of Barbell Should I Buy?

By: Sacha Elms   On: 19 April 2018

Choose your weapon - Purchasing Barbells at Again Faster WHAT TYPE OF BARBELL SHOULD I BUY? Starting any business is tricky – it encompasses huge investments of time and money. Knowing what to buy and when can be a significant distressing...

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What Gear Do You Need To Do The Crossfit Open

By: Again Faster Australia   On: 8 February 2018

Open season is upon us It's that time of year again! The CrossFit Open is just around the corner. It comes around faster each year! You may have started to prepare your athletes for the CrossFit Open in your programing but have you stopped to thi...

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Essential Accessories Athletes Need For The Open

By: Again Faster   On: 7 February 2018

The Open is almost here, are you ready for it? The CrossFit Open is just around the corner. Whether you are a serious competitor or you just participate for fun and the personal challenge, there are a few steps to take in order to be fully prepare...

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DEAD BALLS – Develop mid-line strength

By: Again Faster Australia   On: 12 June 2017

We caught up with Nick Scott from CrossFit Langwarrin who told us how dead balls have helped develop his mid-line strength and carried over into all other areas of his training. What piece of equipment are you loving at the moment? I’ve been ...

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Kettlebells: Strength Tools That Anyone Can Use

By: Again Faster   On: 2 June 2017

Kettlebells are awesome strength training tools that anyone can use. They're easy to use when you first start training, you can move on to more advanced movements as you get a bit more comfortable with them, and you can end up doing highly technical c...

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Power Racks | The Ultimate Training Base

By: Adam Lesniak   On: 2 February 2017

If you’ve ever trained with a good Power Rack , you’ll know how much they can benefit you. And if you’re looking to buy a Power Rack, your mind is probably 80% already made up that you are going to get one. This article will give you that extra 20% of...

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Crumb rubber bumper V2 - New product release

By: Again Faster Australia   On: 22 December 2016

Crumb rubber V2s were introduced at the AllStar Affiliate Series Anyone who competed in the AllStars Affiliate Series this year will know that we introduced a new series of bumper plates in Australia – the Again Faster Crumb Rubber V2 bumpers . Si...

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Is Assault AirBike the Ultimate Gift? Yep.

By: Adam Lesniak   On: 16 December 2016

If you’ve ever ridden an Assault Air Bike , you know that it is the gift that keep on giving. Not only it is easy to use, you just get on and pedal, but after only four minutes of Tabata, you’ll realise you’ve had the best workout ever! An Assault...

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Wall mounted folding squat rack: HUGE GAINZ in a small space.

By: Adam Lesniak   On: 9 December 2016

A folding squat rack will let you do a lot of work in a small training space. There is nothing more valuable than space when you are talking about setting up a training area. If you have garage that you try to train in, you know how difficult it ca...

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Bumper Plates: If you want the perfect set, here’s how to get them.

By: Adam Lesniak   On: 6 December 2016

All bumper plates are not created equal There are three important points to consider when looking at investing a set of bumper plates: material, quality, purpose. All bumper plates pretty much look the same on a nice clean white background a...

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Klokov Equipment: Dmitry is changing the game!

By: Again Faster Australia   On: 2 December 2016

The Klokov Equipment Team tells us more about Dmitry Klokov's plans to change the game in weightlifting circles. In early 2017, they'll begin shipping the Klokov Equipment barbell and bumper plate range. Elite weightlifiting equipment that is accessi...

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Squat Stand: Why you need one for your training.

By: Adam Lesniak   On: 1 December 2016

A squat stand is a classic piece of training equipment you can’t be without. A squat stand will allow you to work safer under the bar with heavier weight, vary your training with additional exercises and we bet there are some accessories you can add t...

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So Simple. So Effective - Assault AirBike

By: Frith Raynor   On: 6 September 2016

The CrossFit Games Facebook site recently posted a quote from Rich Froning Jr: "It doesn’t have to be pretty to be effective" , with the below image. It pretty much sums up most CrossFitters interaction with the Assault Air Bike, our efforts ar...

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Buy Crossfit® Equipment in Melbourne

By: Again Faster Australia   On: 28 June 2016

Where can I get gear for CrossFit® training in Melbourne? A lot of people are asking about where they can buy equipment suited for CrossFit® and functional fitness style training in Melbourne. You can buy it from Again Faster Australia. You prob...

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Australia's Best Skipping Rope

On: 28 June 2016

The best skipping rope in Australia Whether you can do one double under, 20, or 200; we think Again Faster has the best skipping rope in Australia. The Evolution Speed Rope If you are just starting out, you’ll want to look at our Evolution Sp...

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Barbell Buying Guide | How to choose the right Weight Lifting Bars

By: Again Faster   On: 8 October 2015

How to choose the right Weight Lifting Bars for your gym? A question about Barbells: We’ve sold thousands of barbells over the years. So, as you can imagine, we are often asked similar questions during sales. Here’s one that might be he...

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Re-introducing the Schwinn Airdyne AD6

By: Carter Jee   On: 9 September 2013

BY: Carter Jee with Brian Bucholtz and Kara Webb The Schwinn Airdyne has recently come back in vogue with many strength and conditioning facilities adding the machine to their arsenal. Interestingly, despite the misconception that this is a new ...

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By: Jon Gilson   On: 11 December 2011

Do people cringe when they watch you performing an air squat? Don't take it personally. Join Again Faster owner and CrossFit Level One trainer Jon Gilson as he introduces you to some effective stretches to help getting your squat better. ...

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Kettlebells: An old technology that still has a place in a modern gym.

Over the years, Kettlebells have turned out to be well known in sports clubs, CrossFit boxes, and training studios. Unlike conventional weights, or machines found in commercial gyms, kettlebells will give you a workout different from more traditional ...

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