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Weight training and physical activity for kids is a critical aspect childhood development. Everyone agrees on that. However, getting the support and budget to bring weight training and functional fitness in to schools can be a challenge.

First off, fitness equipment is often perceived to be expensive. Well, at Again Faster, we offer schools special partner pricing which will make any purchase low cost and high in value. Again Faster equipment can be used immediately and will last you for years and years and years.

We’ll take a barbell for example: A $300 barbell is likely to last you well over 5 years in a school environment. If you used that barbell every day for five years it would only cost you 16 cents per day to produce fit, healthy and strong kids. That’s a strong investment!

A second point often heard is that functional fitness training can be unsafe for kids. A quick Google search, and then a dismissal of all the scare mongers will show you that weight training injuries in children are quite low, much lower than adults, and lack of supervision is usually the major factor contributing to the injury, not the weight.

Through our Again Faster Academy, we have seen the benefits of functional fitness training in kids time and time again. Teens like Isabella Vallejo and Rees Machell completed the Academy and made it all the way to the top of the podium at the CrossFit Games.

Schools partner with Again Faster because we have over a decade of experience in this space, our equipment presents a high value investment and they know we love to support school and community initiatives.

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