Again Faster - An Australian Company

Author: Again Faster Australia   Date Posted:1 July 2015 

Australian Gym Fitness Equipment Company

Again Faster is an Australian Company


Supporting Australian Business

When you buy from Again Faster Australia, you are supporting Australian business, Aussie staff, their families and the entire Functional Fitness Community in the Pacific Region.

Our History

Our formal launch was at the legendary Hardn’up Challenge in February, 2012.  Since then, we’ve sponsored nearly 100 competitions and fundraisers, driven over 30,000kms to supply gear for national events and local events, provided equipment for over 15,000 competitors to compete side by side with their mates and have nurtured over 150 young athletes through the Again Faster Youth Academy who will take functional fitness to the next level in this country.

You can see that we love this industry and are genuine about its support and growth.  When you get gear from us you’re dealing with an Australian business who works to find ways to make the pie bigger for all of us.  We’re also constantly looking for a way to work with you so we can make this industry thrive for us all for the long term. 

A local Australian Business

Again Faster operates locally out of Brisbane, Melbourne and Auckland, and we also have global partners.  One of the biggest benefits of having a global network of partnerships, is that it allows our customers more choice.  We have the ability to reach out to our friends around the world, which allows you to get your hands on industry leading equipment at great prices.  We use a mix of local and international fabrication and manufacturing options to keep our prices competitive for you and our business strong.

We get rigs and components made in Brisbane on a monthly basis.  A recent local rig went to Towoomba and another to ACT.

Again Faster has been an industry leader for over a decade

All in all, you can be comfortable knowing that Again Faster has been around for over a decade, Globally, and since 2012 in Australia.  We're still growing at a steady pace and thank you for your support.  We're proud of our success as an industry leader and it’s a business that is as Australian as it gets.

So now you know.  Again Faster is a stand alone Australian Business where you’re getting great equipment, with plenty of options, at a great price, no matter what.  Keep in mind, all our gear is backed by warranties and proven by some of Australia’s and the World’s biggest and busiest Boxes, Gyms, studios, facilities and clubs.

You don't make it a decade in this game without looking after your customers, running a solid business and making good gear.

Make sure to get in touch with us for any more information or if you have anyother questions we can help you with.

If you’d like to learn more about the people who run Again Faster Australia, click the link to see our bios.