CrossFit 4017 : Bringing A Business Back To Life

By: Again Faster   On: 12 November 2018

Case Study: CrossFit 4017 Belinda and Matt Batty took over Crossfit 4017 in it's fourth year of operation. Belinda has had over 20 years experience in running gymnastics facilities at an elite level and Matt has an extensive background in sa...

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3 Kettlebell Workouts That Will Help You Crush Your Goals!

By: Brandon Swan   On: 12 November 2018

Kettlebells are a very simple piece of equipment, but when used effectively you will get a whole-body workout! Training with a Kettlebell is a great way to improve your strength, stability and stamina. We asked our programming guru Brandon Sw...

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Topping up your equipment - Get more members and keep existing ones

By: Adam Lesniak   On: 12 November 2018

Getting your Gym up and running When you are getting your gym up and running it can be really challenging to get all the gear you need to accommodate for new members while trying to retain existing ones. Cash is tight, you are time poor and...

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Topping up your gear: How to top up your equipment the smart way

By: Adam Lesniak   On: 9 November 2018

Topping up your gear: How to top up your equipment the smart way When you first open, you want to grow your gym as quickly as possible without over extending yourself. During this period, you’ll feel like you’re missing out on potential mem...

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Zinc or painted pull up bars? | The Gym Fit Out Guide

By: Adam Lesniak   On: 29 October 2018

Of course, either pull up bar coating option for your rig will work fine for doing pull-ups, hangs and holds. However, there are a couple of differences you might not be aware of. Painted pull up bars can look really good in your gym if you plan to...

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Set up a Proshop at your Gym | The Gym Fit Out Guide

By: Adam Lesniak   On: 18 October 2018

As a gym owner, you are always looking for ways to help your clients and to make more revenue for your gym . One avenue you might not have explored is opening a proshop. You can offer a range of helpful training accessories for your membe...

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Stop Cracking Five Kilo Bumper Plates | The Gym Fit Out Guide

By: Adam Lesniak   On: 17 October 2018

No doubt, you've seen a few cracked 5-kilo bumper plates around the traps while you've been training. And if you're a gym owner, this has probably been a big problem for you too. It's good money down the drain and that's not right. Check this video whe...

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Gear list for your Gym - Opening a Gym

By: Adam Lesniak   On: 11 October 2018

What’s on your third list? Now you’ve got the first two stages of your equipment list down on paper, but what else do you need to prioritise? This is where you start thinking about the gear that you might need for your programming a couple times a mont...

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Gym Fit Out Guide: What gear should I buy for my gym next?

By: Adam Lesniak   On: 10 October 2018

Yesterday we talked about putting together your initial list of gear that you needed to run your gym every day when setting up a new gym. Today we are talking about the gear you should consider buying for your new gym that you are likely to use a...

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Opening a gym - What gear do I need first?

By: Adam Lesniak   On: 9 October 2018

Although this issue seems pretty straightforward when it’s laid out, I can be difficult to get your initial equipment list together. Okay, so you’ve decided to open a gym and you want to get all the gear, but of course, you need to stick to yo...

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Opening a Gym - Remixing your Pull Up Rig

By: Adam Lesniak   On: 19 September 2018

I’ve been working with @spartanroy from the @f.i.t_project to help remix his pull up rig. Shout out to Roy Hanford who is one of the top Obstacle Course Racers in the world! Roy and I worked together to get his gym, The Fit Project, kitted out...

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Gym Fit Out: CrossFit Craydon

By: Adam Lesniak   On: 19 September 2018

Gym walk though at CrossFit Croydon. This is one of my favourite fit outs that I’ve done because I’ve become such good friends with Eric and Ariel Blyth-Elvin – the owners. @crossfitcroydon @ohmmumma Eric and Ariel have been in the gym game for m...

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The Chief Life Muffins Recipe

By: Stacey and Matty   On: 26 July 2018

CHIEF TIPS RECIPE OF THE WEEK THE CHIEF LIFE MUFFINS Healthy, macronutrient balanced Muffins brought to you by The Chief Life. For more information on how to balance your meals or on how you can get your very own personalised meal p...

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Cheap prices vs service and support. What's the trade off?

By: Adam Lesniak   On: 25 July 2018

You want to feel like you are getting value for money when you buy your fitness equipment. Read on and we'll help protect you from getting disappointed with your purchase...

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How to train like an athlete six days a week without being at the gym all the time.

By: Adam Lesniak   On: 19 July 2018

Learn how you can train like an athlete. Get your home gym set up and go from just having a gym life to being the life of the party!..

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By: Stacey and Matty   On: 19 July 2018

CHIEF TIPS RECIPE OF THE WEEK FRITTATA A healthy, macronutrient balanced meal or snack brought to you by The Chief Life. Watch as Matty takes you through this how to make video... Ingredients (For 6 serves) 6 Eggs ...

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Calamari and Zucchini Gems

By: Stacey and Matty   On: 12 July 2018

CHIEF TIPS RECIPE OF THE WEEK CALAMARI AND ZUCCHINI GEMS Enjoy our super healthy and easy to make Calamari and Zucchini Gems! Ingredients FEMALES: 135g raw calamari rings 1/2 tsp Salt and pepper 1/2 tsp Basil ...

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Mexican Mince

By: Stacey and Matty   On: 5 July 2018

CHIEF TIPS RECIPE OF THE WEEK MEXICAN MINCE Simple and easy Chief Approved Mexican inspired dish to enjoy... Macro balanced to fuel your body, giving you energy and allowing you to reach your health and fitness goals. Personalised p...

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Chocolate Protein Bar

By: Stacey and Matty   On: 28 June 2018

CHIEF TIPS RECIPE OF THE WEEK CHOCOLATE PROTEIN BAR Here's a delicious Chocolate Protein Bar created by The Chief Life as a healthy, convenient snack for you to enjoy! Ingredients :: Good for Six (6) serves 1 scoop pro...

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Plan to top up your gym's equipment and watch retention rates skyrocket

By: Adam Lesniak   On: 27 June 2018

If you are losing a couple members a month - that could be 20 to 40 members a year – that’s a lot of cash walking out the door! Find out a way to fix this problem...

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