Functional Fitness Training for MMA - Damien Brown

Author: Adam Lesniak   Date Posted:24 February 2016 

Damien Brown is one hell of a Guy

Well, he admits he’s not perfect, but after growing up in NSW he came to his senses and started following QLD Rugby.  Now based in Brisbane, you’d want to be careful about giving him too much grief about this though, Again Faster Development Team Member, Damien Brown is a professional MMA fighter, and might make you eat your words.

If you’ve met Damien, you know he is one hell of a guy, and a grinder.  With 23 professional fights under his Title belts, he uses functional fitness equipment to keep a conditioning edge.  That way, when he gets the call up for a fight, he’s ready to throw down.  And coming off a five-win streak, he’s got to be on the radar of the big show.

“The UFC is big on win streaks and above average records. I had a rough run in 2014 with 4 losses in a row and ending that year with my record at 10-8. I felt my goal was lost but with some hard work both physically and mentally, with coaches, I've dragged myself back on track and am currently on a 5 fight win streak. I've finished my last 4 fights by submission (another big thing for the UFC) and with UFC Brisbane just around the corner while I know my chances of getting a fight are slim, I would hope that I've made enough noise to get my shot.”

Using Functional Fitness Training for MMA

Damien’s use of functional fitness training for MMA started in the Army and then carried over into his professional fighting career.  He hadn’t done much strength training prior to the Army so a lot of the functional fitness equipment was foreign to him.  He made a pretty rapid discovery of how much functional fitness training can benefit MMA style training. 

“I never trained much strength and conditioning wise before joining the Army I just played sport. When I joined the Army being an infantry soldier it was part of your day. Every Morning was PT and this is where I developed a keen interest in not only training but understanding what I was doing. This developed into military physical training and instructor courses. It then became my job and now I can't imagine my life without some form of daily training.”

Using Functional Fitness Training to Stay Sharp in Life

Functional fitness training has influenced his family life and mental picture of the world, too.

“I've seen general health benefits for not only me but family around me following suit (Monkey see monkey do) as they say, and everyone sees success and gets motivated. Physical benefits - I used to be quite heavy when I was serving in the military and even running long distance, while achievable, was an effort. Now I can go run 10km when I feel like it.

My number 1 support, my wife, has constantly been by my side and she trains daily now as it's part of our lifestyle. I feel that martial arts gives a great amount of discipline in an individual’s life through training and delivers life lessons while in a safe environment. It has certainly helped me since my deployment [from the Army] with mental stability and I'd strongly urge other veterans to follow suit, not to fight, but to train and stay focused.”

UFC Brisbane - A Ticket to the Big Show

After starting functional fitness training in the Army, finding kick boxing, and then leading on to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and MMA, Damien Brown is setting a cracking pace towards the big show.  Keep your fingers crossed we’ll see him in the Octagon at UFC Brisbane.  Clearly he’s done the work and has the runs on the board so he doesn’t need luck, just an opportunity to make it happen.

“I'd like to thank all my sponsors who have been with me in the past and the present ones Again Faster, Australian Sports Nutrition - Chermside, Integrated MMA HQ, Team Compton Training Centre, Crossfit Geebung 4034, Rocktape Australia, Wholesomeness and Fighters Worldwide Clothing. I hope that one day I can be on the world stage for everyone to see how I do my business in the cage. Finally, if the powers to be decide to read this they only need to know "I don't hug, I don't run, I come to fight" and more than 50% of my fights have won fight of the night.”


Adam Lesniak is the Co-Owner of Again Faster Aus / NZ.  Photos courtesy of Damien Brown - Facebook


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