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If you’re ready to start lifting like an Olympian buy The Again Faster Barbells and get lifting today! The best Barbells for functional fitness and Weightlifting. 

Klokov 15 kg Olympic Barbell

Klokov 15 kg Olympic Barbell

Now $399.00

On Sale 39% OFF RRP $649.00
Klokov 20 kg Sport Barbell

Klokov 20 kg Sport Barbell

Now $499.00

On Sale 41% OFF RRP $849.00
Rob Forte Barbell - 20kg

Rob Forte Barbell - 20kg

Now $356.00

On Sale 20% OFF RRP $445.00
Team Barbell
RRP $332.00
Evolution Barbell
On Sale RRP $254.00
Training Bar -7kg

Training Bar -7kg


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