Tips for running a successful gym

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Plan to top up your gym's equipment and watch retention rates skyrocket

By: Adam Lesniak   On: 27 June 2018

If you are losing a couple members a month - that could be 20 to 40 members a year – that’s a lot of cash walking out the door! Find out a way to fix this problem...

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Retain your members and watch membership numbers skyrocket

By: Taylor Espuis   On: 20 June 2018

As a gym owner do you find yourself constantly stressing about the number of members you have? Hint: It is waaay cheaper to retain members than to chase new ones! ..

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How to increase your revenue per client

By: Adam Lesniak   On: 19 June 2018

In it's most basic sense, there are two ways to make more money in your business: get more clients or make more money off your existing clients. Let's help you pay the bills while doing the job you love...

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How to beat your competition by having structured replacement program in place

By: Taylor Espuis   On: 1 June 2018

One way to try to trump your competitors, is to focus on what you are offering, don’t give your members reason to look elsewhere, Having a structured equipment replacement program in place will go a long way to help you achieve this...

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