How to increase your revenue per client

Author: Adam Lesniak   Date Posted:19 June 2018 

In it's most basic sense, there are two ways to make more money in your business: get more clients or make more money off your existing clients. Let's help you pay the bills while doing the job you love.

How to Increase Your Gym's Revenue

How to Increase Revenue per Client

The reason you started your business

You probably started your business for two reasons: to help people while doing what you love to do and to make money to pay the bills.  If you're like anyone else in small business, the first point is usually easier to accomplish than the second.

Let's help you pay the bills while doing the job you love.

Two ways to make more money in your business

In it's most basic sense, there are two ways to make more money in your business: get more clients or make more money off your existing clients.  Getting more clients can be patchy, as you know, and getting more money out of your existing client base can be tricky too.

In this article, let's concentrate on raising more revenue per client because we have some really good solutions for you.


ARCM – Average revenue per class member

Making more average revenue per class member or average revenue per customer is a business goal that is as old as the hills.  A great theory in practice but how do you do it?  What can you offer in your gym that will earn you more revenue per client? 

  HINT :   It needs to be valuable to the client and worth while for you to offer.  


Check out the three solutions below that fit this bill:

Gym Reseller Program - Again Faster

Solution #1 - Set up a Proshop

Setting up a Proshop in your gym is the number on way you can raise more revenue from your clients.  Think about it.  Each member in your gym has a range of products they carry around in their gym bag which they probably bought online.  So you have to ask yourself, "Why can't they buy those items from me so we can help each other out?"

It really is the fairest trade going around.  You create a lot of value for your clients right when and where they need it the most and they offer more revenue to you and the gym. In reality, you are likely to spend that revenue on upgrades for the gym, which they benefit from anyway.  Do you see the symbiosis here?  You're helping each other.

By setting up this simple program, you've raised your gym's revenue the easiest way possible and it's an immediate win-win that you can't beat.  Click on this link to find out how easy it is to set up a proshop in your gym.


Solution #2 - Set up an online apparel storeAffiliate Online Apparel Store - Again Faster

Did you know that you can easily manage all your apparel sales online.  That's great, because let's face it, setting up a major t-shirt order is a nightmare!  Nobody responds, nobody pays on time and when the t-shirts arrive about 50 members say, "Why didn't you tell me you were ordering tees?"  AGGGHHHHH!

Here's how you can set up an online apparel store with us .  You can get a separate landing page set up for you that is an online apparel store with all your branding and apparel offers.  It can be set up for you at no cost and it's all yours.

Next you get a link that links from your website to your new online apparel store.  You tell your clients about the link and they can now order direct from the store as much as they like and you don't have to lift a finger.  The site tracks your sales and the new revenue is deposited straight into your nominated bank account.  How easy it that?

It really is that simple, and to see how it could work for you, click on this link to find out more about setting up your online apparel store.


Solution #3 – Make referral revenue from your member's purchases Banner Partner - Again Faster

Referral revenue is another way that your business can raise more revenue from your existing clients.  Signing up to a referral link program is something you should really look into if you don't have a referral scheme in place.  Here's how it works.

You should be able to get a referral link from the businesses who partner with your gym.  A referral link is a link that takes people from your site to your business partner's site.  When someone from your gym clicks that link and buys a product from one of your partner's sites, you should get a kick back (a percentage from the sale) as store credit.  You can then use that store credit to buy the gear you need for your gym.  Again, this is another really good example of a program that benefits everyone.

Right now you probably aren't receiving any sort of a kick back for all your referral work you are doing but you should be.  Click this link to find out how easy it is to set up with us so you don't miss out of any of that referral revenue.


Start making extra revenue now

So there you go.  Three quick solutions that will help you add revenue to your gym using your existing client base.  If you haven't' tapped into this extra revenue source you should, right now.  It adds value and benefits everyone involved so don't hesitate.

Just think, all that new revenue could do so many things for you – new gear, pay off some bills, a holiday or tuck it under that mattress for a rainy day.

Anyway, make a move on it now and check out all our other Partner Programs we've set up to help you get the most out of your gym.


If you need any further guidance contact us here.

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