The Again Faster gym fit out guide - First, buy the equipment you need to run your gym everyday

Author: Adam Lesniak and Sacha Elms   Date Posted:30 April 2018 

Gym Fitout Guide - Gym Equipment used everyday

Choosing the equipment you need to run your gym everyday

Prioritising the gear you buy is essential. If the budget is tight when you’re getting started, prioritise the gear you’ll need to use on a day to day basis.  Use this thinking to give yourself breathing  room in order to get your initial gear list together.  See where the gaps are after the initial list and start adding in the gear you’ll need to fill out classes for daily operation.


Of course, if your goal is to set up an elite facility from the get go, budget won’t be your main concern.  Many gyms are buying our premium competition gear and our highest quality equipment right off the bat, so if your business plan supports this you’re on the right track too.

When fitting out your space, your first considerations are – “What type of gym am I aiming to create?”, and, “What will my daily programming look like?”

The answers to these will determine what you need to buy, and how you can begin fleshing out your budget.


An essential purchase that is often overlooked or dreaded, but is a primary factor effecting budget is flooring. If your budget allows, make no compromises here. Choosing quality flooring that you won’t have to consider replacing for many years to come, will greatly reduce any potential stress when starting (or simply running) your gym. Plus, the time it takes to fit the gym with flooring, and cut any of the necessary pieces, is definitely something you only want to think about doing once during your ownership of the business.

From here, assess the type of gym you want to create, and what your programming will look like.

For functional strength and conditioning gyms, our recommended initial purchases are :

A must have gym equipment ASSISTIVE AND MOBILITY EQUIPMENT - bands and mobility balls are the most used pieces of equipment in the gym, and have a great range of uses. Making room in your budget to buy these for your business is of high priority.

A PULL UP RIG – versatile, and a core part of any functional strength program. Pullup rigs can also double up as squat / bench racks, and can have rings attached to them for scaled pulling movements as well as stability work.

BARBELLS AND BUMPER PLATES – Essentials for any gym owner - Consider the structure of your programming (e.g. potential for sharing equipment during workouts etc.). This will help determine the number of bars and bumper plates you will need to begin with. See our article here on what bars to buy when you are first starting out.

CONDITIONING MACHINES - AirBikes, Rowers or Ski Ergs – These machines are underrated. Initially, you mightn’t need to buy five of each, but consider purchasing at least one of these machines to offer variety to your clients who may be unable to run. They will appreciate being provided with alternatives that give them a similar stimulus to the prescribed workout.

Consider also buying versatile conditioning equipment such as kettlebells, wallballs, and plyo boxes. These will ensure that you have plenty of options in your programming, while getting the most out of your money spent.

This is purely a guide for prospective and new gym owners in purchasing equipment for your business ventures. At Again Faster, we are dedicated to helping you make the best decisions for your gym, so don’t hesitate to call us to answer questions or for advice.


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