Josh Sheehan | Again Faster Ambassador

Author: Again Faster Australia   Date Posted:20 January 2017 

Josh Sheehan, World Champion Freestyle Motocross Rider, joins the Again Faster team.


Clearly a functional fitness advocate, and the first man in history to land a triple backflip on a motorbike, Josh Sheehan has joined the Again Faster Ambassadors team.  Functional fitness has prepared Josh to be able to do amazing stunts on his bike with his body.  His training ranges from pre-hab, to functional fitness training, to strength specific training, and you guessed it, re-hab when a stunt doesn't quite go to plan.

We're excited for this partnership with Josh with the goal to help him get stronger than ever and perform better than ever.  Do a YouTube search for Josh to see all the incredible stunts his training has enabled him to do.  You can catch Josh on the Nitro Circus tour later this year.


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