Crumb rubber bumper V2 - New product release

Author: Again Faster Australia   Date Posted:22 December 2016 


Crumb rubber V2s were introduced at the AllStar Affiliate Series

Anyone who competed in the AllStars Affiliate Series this year will know that we introduced a new series of bumper plates in Australia – the Again Faster Crumb Rubber V2 bumpers.  Since the launch of the plates at AllStars, the feedback has been nothing but positive.

Quite a few athletes and coaches have commented that the Crumb Rubber V2 bumpers are some of the best they have ever used.  And you’ll find many great reviews about this style of plate around the web.


Bombproof. Low bounce. Low noise.again-faster-crumb-rubber-v2-bumper-plate-line-up

The Crumb rubber V2s are known for their extreme durability, dense rubber, low bounce and low noise.  So, what you are getting is a plate that will stand the test of time, can be used outdoors, not chunk or crack, have a low controllable bounce and be perfect for gyms and home gyms where noise is an issue. 

Another hidden benefit it is the anchored collar in the insert.  It has a small ‘fin’ welded to the insert which the rubber is moulded around.  This will prevent loosening and cracking around the collar.

Also, check out the diameter of the 5kg plates.  It is slightly smaller than the rest of the plates, which means they won’t feel the brunt of a heavy load dumped from overhead.  No more cracked 5s, as long as they are not dumped from overhead by themselves of course.


More info

  • 5kg-25kg plates available
  • Black crumb rubber (solid recycled rubber)
  • Coloured flecks to note weight of plate
  • White lettering


Crumb rubber V2s are on pre-sale now

The Again Faster Crumb Rubber V2s will be available from mid-January.  Pre-order is available on our website now.

Check out the Again Faster Crumb rubber V2 plates and pre-order from the link below:


Bumper stack photo courtesy of Garage gyms

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