CrossFit Croydon - Lifting the Burbs 2016

Author: Adam Lesniak   Date Posted:29 May 2016 

The Croydon Crew was ready to lift.

It was a dark and dirty day in Melbourne but CrossFit Croydon owners Eric Blyth-Elvin and Sarsey Grounds, along with top Regionals athlete Tom Lengyel had their lifters ready to hit some PBs.

The Program

Leading up to the in-house weighlifting comp, Eric and Tom had run the lifters thought a multi-week training program, prepping the lifters for this day.  All the lifters were anxious about hitting some serious PBs.  Would all their hard work pay off?

Tom and Eric spoke to thier lifters to get them in the right mind set.

Time to warm up

It was a cold and rainy day in Melbourne so the warm up was crucial for any chance to lift at your best.  It was getting close to game time and time to fire up.

Time to lift

In front of a crowd of family, friends and peers, it was time to test the program and chase some PB's!  As the crowd grew throughout the afternoon, so did the confidence of the lifters.

It was raining PB's

Tom, Eric and Sara had done their job. By following the program, most lifters had increased thier PB by 5-10 kilos!  Everyone was pumped!

What an awesome day.

Tom and Eric's program was designed to make people better at Olympic lifting and it did just that.  Everyone who completed the program moved better than ever and lifted more weight than ever.  It was a program and event put on by an awesome group of people.

Adam Lesniak is the Co-Owner of Again Faster (Photography by Adam Lesniak)





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