The Again Faster Fit out guide - Choosing the right equipment storage

Author: Adam Lesniak and Sacha Elms   Date Posted:27 April 2018 

Storage in your gym is essential. It reduces hazards, gives your gym order and keeps it clean. Ensuring your equipment has adequate storage is integral to running your gym smoothly.

Gym Fitout Guide - Choosing the right equipment Storage for your Gym

Choosing the right equipment storage for your gym

Storage will keep your gym safe and help it run smoothly

Storage in your gym is essential. It reduces hazards, gives your gym order and keeps it clean. However, storage is not usually on the forefront of the new gym owner’s mind, as one is mainly focused on developing the backbone of the business – essential equipment, getting and retaining members, as well as programming.  Focusing on these things is great, but ensuring your equipment has adequate storage is integral to running your gym smoothly. 


What is the focus of your gym?

Think about what your focus for your gym will be – is it strength based, and therefore will have a ton of things like bumpers and bars to store? Or is it more conditioning / gymnastics based – and will need plenty of room for skipping ropes, slam balls, resistance bands and so on? Is it a mix of both?

Determining what sort of equipment you’ll be buying determines what type of storage you’ll need, which also determines the layout of the gym. Below we’ve included some helpful ways to organise your gym whilst maximising the amount of equipment you can store. 


  Tip #1: Think about wall mounted storage 


Wall mounted bumper plate storage is the ultimate storage for your bumper plates. It keeps them off the floor – preserving the plates and removing trip hazards. It is also extremely easy to set up,  and it is simple to implement anywhere in the gym, also limiting the amount of valuable floor space used. Likewise, gun racks, and vertical barbell (wall mounted) storage racks for your barbells are an excellent way to be stored. They can also be stored upright in individual holders, which aren’t bulky and are easy to incorporate in any corner of the gym.

Properly storing your barbells will ensure that they retain their quality, whilst also keeping the space free of added danger. 

Barbell and Bumper Plates Storage Racks - Again Faster


  Tip #2: General purpose, total storage racks are great 


Total Gym Storage Rack - Again Faster Equipment

Storage racks are extremely strong and thus utilising them is ideal for storing a large amount of diverse equipment in one place which allows more floor space to be used, and limits confusion amongst clients about where certain things are.

Furthermore, storage racks often come in many different sizes, which you can choose to suit your gym’s needs.

Use these racks to store wallballs, kettebellsdumbells, slamballs, abmats, mobility gear and much more. 


  Finally, think about your layout and your aesthetic 


Ultimately, it is your decision what the layout of the gym will be. Choose storage options that work for your gym and your aesthetic. Stick to limiting the amount of storage needed (eg using the storage racks or the wall mounted bumper plate storage), so you can maximise class space and minimise class flow confusion. 

As always, if you ever need advice or help deciding on gym layout, or what type of storage suits you, don’t hesitate to contact us at Again Faster.


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