Cheap prices vs service and support. What's the trade off?

Author: Adam Lesniak   Date Posted:25 July 2018 

You want to feel like you are getting value for money when you buy your fitness equipment. Read on and we'll help protect you from getting disappointed with your purchase.

Quality Gym Equipment with Good Service and Support

Do I want a cheap price or good service and support.  What's the tradeoff?

You want to feel like you are getting value for money when you buy your fitness equipment.  We all do, and we should!  The problem is that you can't really tell what you are buying when you are comparing gear online.  And there are a lot of prices online these days that look too good to believe.  Read on and we'll help protect you from getting disappointed with your purchase.


Watch out for poor materials and processes

The problem you're facing is that fitness equipment like barbells, bumper plates, kettlebells, etc. are being copied and produced by lower tier manufacturers using second rate materials and processes.   When you get a product from a lower tier manufacturer claiming to be a premium brand that doesn't perform, you feel cheated, and that's just plain wrong!  We want you to get the best gear possible so let's break down how you can do that in the next couple of paragraphs.


Only choose equipment from companies that have been in business for several years

The logic behind this is that if the company has been in business for several years, clearly, they have been market tested and have passed.  In several years of operation, the company would have had to overcome the initial development process, product faults and warranty issues, poor supply at times, and host of customer service issues.  Businesses that sell physical products and are in the heavy use category, like fitness equipment, need to learn how to deal with these issues as best as possible.  If they are still operating after several years, they have been tested by the market and have passed.


Make sure they offer good warranties

The top fitness equipment providers should offer among the best warranties in the industry, full stop.  If you are about to pay a premium price for fitness equipment, you should have the confidence that if there is a fault, the equipment company will back it up with their warranty scheme.


Make sure you can talk to someone

Although self-help customer service can be handy in some situations, it would be nice to know that you can talk to someone on the phone, on email or on chat when you need to.  This is another benefit of working with a premium fitness equipment provider – they will normally have a rep you can speak with or a customer service team you can call.  A lower tier provider will most likely not have these support services for you.


You will get these services from Again Faster

Again Faster has been in operation for over a decade, globally.   Our equipment and business processes have been tested all over the world and we remain one of the top fitness equipment suppliers in the industryYou can contact our customer service team here at any time and we offer among the best warranties in the industry.  We have partnered with 100s of gym and 1000s of athletes to help their businesses and training thrive. 

We're committed to offering among the best strength and conditioning equipment in the industry and we'd love to partner with you.  Get in touch and we'll solve your query or help you finalise your order.  We'll take care of it and make sure you get the gear you need to train your best.


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