The Again Faster Gym Fit out guide - Buying specialty equipment

Author: Adam Lesniak and Sacha Elms   Date Posted:24 April 2018 

You've got all the gear that you need for a well-rounded program at your gym. So what specialty equipment do you need to get next?

Specialty Gym Equipment from Again Faster

Purchasing Specialty Equipment for your Gym

You have most of the equipment you need

So your business is growing, all the equipment you’ve purchased thus far is functioning well and is being serviced on a regular basis, and you’ve been able to buy the gear that you need for a well-rounded program at your gym. So what’s next?


You need to fill some gaps in your equipment inventory – what is specialty equipment?

Looking into investing in specialty equipment for your clients can be a great way to provide a unique, holistic, and enjoyable experience for everyone who walks through your gym's doors. So what does specialty equipment consist of? This largely depends on the type of gym. For instance, if a gym runs mainly bootcamp style classes (focusing on bodyweight movements, with some monostructural exercises like rowing, cycling etc), purchasing a couple of bars could open up opportunities for barbell focused classes one or two times a week, which can help retain current members, and also attract new ones. 

For places like powerlifting gyms, buying equipment like a pullup bar and wooden rings enables you to diversify your athletes experience of training, and used right can be a great way to increase strength and performance, as well as make sure those shoulders are bulletproof.

In regards to more functional fitness focused gyms with lots of diverse equipment, gym owners are going to need to look for more ‘niche’ options. Some suggestions are;

Paralletes, Gymnastics Equipment, Logbars, Farmers Handles, Axlebars, deadballs

Goym Specialty Equipment available at Again Faster

Specialty equipment is fun and challenging

All these pieces of equipment introduce new fun challenges into class sessions and PT, and also open the door for individuals who wish to train for specific events such as Obstacle course racing, or Strongman events. Furthermore, kids specific classes can benefit greatly from the gymnastics focused gear, as obviously heavy weights aren’t on the spectrum.

An element that needs to be considered when purchasing this equipment is if whether it’s going to be used enough to warrant buying. Getting a wide variety of equipment is good, but only if it serves the clients well, and doesn’t simply sit collecting dust and taking up valuable floor space. It is up to you to decide how often it will likely be incorporated into training and whether it is worth buying. Consider your program, your client’s needs, and what you would like to do with their overall training experience.

Deciding on what specialty equipment to buy for your gym can be difficult but buying such gear when done right is definitely worth it. As always, if you need any advice deciding on what equipment to purchase, don’t hesitate to contact us at Again Faster.


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