Rees Machell Joins the Again Faster Development Team

Author: Sacha Elms   Date Posted:18 August 2015 

Introducing…Rees Machell


We'd like to announce that Rees Machell, Again Faster Academy Teen and 3rd place finisher at the Reebok CrossFit Games, has been selected to join the Again Faster Development Team.


The Again Faster Academy

In early 2015, the Again Faster Academy began – a program designed to unearth some of Australia’s best teen Crossfit talent.

One of the goals was to find and connect aspiring Crossfit Youth with each other, enabling them to inspire and motivate one another, which in turn benefits the fitness industry, develops the sport of Crossfit in Australia and increases its popularity.

The Academy took place in three cities – Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. What we were able to find was an incredibly diverse and talented pool of Crossfit Youth, with a genuine love for the sport. The benefits of having the academy were also helping to guide and develop the Academy kids in their Crossfit journey. As well as inspire – and fire them up!

Rees at The Reebok CrossFit Games

Rees Machell, a Crossfitter from the Sydney Academy day, soon flew to Carson, California to be a Crossfit Games Competitor in the Teens division. After a gruelling three days of competition, and an impressive win in the final event, Amanda, Rees did Australia proud as he finished on the podium in third place.
When asked what his favourite part of the Games experience was, Rees replied “The best bits of the Games were definitely the other athletes I had met – very humble people. And also winning the last event “Amanda” at the Games to secure me a spot on the podium in 3rd place “.  Rees is now a part of the Again Faster Development team, and couldn’t be more excited.
“I’m absolutely pumped!” says Rees “Best Gear on the market and an awesome group of Staff and Athletes! It couldn’t get much better”.

Rees stays humble at home

Rees trains in a fairly isolated area in Tumut, NSW. He says he feels “It’s an advantage as it keeps me humble and is more of a challenge, but it is a barrier as well as I find it difficult to train with top athletes as much”. Despite this, at 17 years old and weighing 70kg, Rees has a max Clean and Jerk of 124kg, and a Fran time of 2:31.

Rees says that he owes some of his strength to his friend, and fellow Crossfit Games Teen competitor, Aydan McMahon. Aydan is a weightlifter in the 69kg category, holding National and State records, and Rees says that Aydan helps improve his technique.

The Again Faster Academy Sydney


The Future of CrossFit in Australia

There’s no doubt that Rees, and Crossfit Games Teen Champion, Bella Vallejo (who is also on the Again Faster Development team), have promising futures ahead of them. Australia can look forward to seeing their names on the Leaderboard in future Open, Regional and Games competitions, possibly even on the podium as the Fittest on Earth one day. To transition from Teen to Individual competition, Rees is planning on “Getting a lot stronger and smarter with my training, and when it gets closer to the Open, doing a lot more conditioning and maintained strength.”

With the stellar performance of our Individual Australians at the Games this year, such as Tia-Clair-Toomey, Rob Forte, Kara Webb and Chad Mackay, as well as our incredible Teens like Rees, Bella and Aydan, the future of Crossfit in Australia is bright, our athletes ready to take on the world. As Crossfit in Australia develops and evolves, the Leaderboard is in for a guaranteed shake up. Look out – the Australians are coming.

Please welcome Rees to the team and congratulate him for his recent result at the Games by leaving him a message on the Again Faster Australia Facebook page.



About the Author:

Sacha is 18 years old from the Blue Mountains, NSW. She is a CF-L1 trainer and has a passion for functional fitness, eating paleo chocolate mousse, and experimenting with different approaches to eating healthily in order to optimise performance. She does seven training sessions a week and loves working hard. Sacha also has a passion for Crossfit media, following athletes’ progress and learning about new ways to optimise training development and ideas. 

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