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Cooking Tip: Place your salad greens in a resealable plastic bag with paper towel in the fridge. The paper towel will soak up excess moisture and will keep the greens crisp and delicious

Training Tip: Spend 5 mins a day activating muscle through body building style posing. Learning to flare your lats, activate your pecs and the short head of your bicep could save you from neck and shoulder injuries. Along with learning to activate all of the bodies muscles, this will give you amazing body awareness and control!
All Well and good to say but how do I implement?

Barbell good mornings, banded good mornings, hip extensions, static holds on the GHD, sled drags forwards/backwards/sideways, hip thrusts, hip squats, lunges, split squats reverse hyper, side bends just to name a few. You can build up heavy singles on all of these movements or simply do high reps ranging from 3-200 at a time. The gym is your oyster so get to work on becoming a pearl



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