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Author: Again Faster   Date Posted:19 January 2018 

James owner of See the Ability Australia

Here at Again Faster we love to help the community however we can. So when James contacted us when he was starting his business, See The Ability, we were keen to be involved.

It has become increasingly apparent how important physical activity is for general health and wellbeing. Often adults and children with disabilities find it difficult to find the time, the facilities or someone who can help them. After spending his childhood with two disabled cousins, James knew of the benefits physical activity can have not only on their wellbeing but also on enhancing their range of movement.


James knew he could make a difference

James has always had a passion for exercise and helping people. Upon finishing school and working as a carer for people with special needs, James noticed a real lack of services that provided personal training and exercise experience for individuals with special needs. So James set out to start a business that does just that. See The Ability is a personal training service that comes to you. For a person with a disability, this takes away the hard work of having to find a personal trainer who knows the appropriate care and considerations to take and then having to get to the gym.


Everyday movements making every day easier for individuals

When training people with a intellectual or physical disability, James understands that the appropriate care and consideration is required. His training takes a holistic approach. The focus is on improving everyday mobility and help his clients become more capable and functional as individuals.

By using equipment such as kettlebells, dumbbells, medicine balls and slam balls James is able to closely replicate tasks they will perform in everyday life. Learning how to safely pick up, carry and put down odd objects has a direct translation into their everyday life.

The benefits his clients see from this training not only include physical improvements on their quality of movement, but also improvements in their mood and attitude. These improvements contribute to an enhanced quality of life for a disabled person.

A perfect example of this is over the last few months James has been working on carry patterns with his clients. They have seen direct benefit from this as now they are able to person tasks such as carrying groceries from the car to the house and move other objects around the house.


What could we do to help See The Ability?

When James told us about his plans we did not hesitate to give him the support he needed on his mission to help others. To James this involvement means his clients have access to some of the best equipment in the country. It can be roughly handled as it has the durability to withstand whatever is thrown its way. Our involvement also meant he was able to bring his mission to life sooner and therefore his clients could start their training and be on their way to improving their lives one training session at a time.


Again Faster Equipment is among the best in the industry for more than a decade and has been proven to take anything you can throw at it. We understand the effort you put into servicing our communities and our country so we offer you the highest level of partnerships through special partnership pricing, an easy quoting process, easily manageable accounts, easy ways to pay.


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