Is Assault AirBike the Ultimate Gift? Yep.

Author: Adam Lesniak   Date Posted:16 December 2016 

If you’ve ever ridden an Assault Air Bike, you know that it is the gift that keep on giving.  Not only it is easy to use, you just get on and pedal, but after only four minutes of Tabata, you’ll realise you’ve had the best workout ever!

An Assault Air Bike is an amazing machine and the perfect gift for you and your loved ones.


You’ll get fit fast.  It’s the ultimate time saver.

The Assault Air Bike is one of the best heart pumping, leg zapping workouts machines you’ll ever use.  In the Tabata mode, you pedal as hard as you can for 20 seconds and you rest for 10 seconds.  You do that for eight rounds and then you’re done.  And if you’ve done this workout before you’ll know that you are truly done after only four minutes. 

Infomercial channels are littered with time saving bogus fitness equipment but just ask anyone who has ridden and Assault Air Bike.  You really can get an incredible workout done in an incredibly short amount of time. 


It’s the most durable bike on the market

We’ve sold a few brands or Air Bikes at Again Faster over the years and have found the Assault Air Bike to be the most durable and reliable.  It’s a mechanical device so, of course nuts loosen, bolts twist and bearings wear but with proper assembly and general maintenance, an Air Bike will last you for years in either commercial or home gyms. 


It’s proven for performance athletes

You’ll find Assault Airbikes used in many CrossFit or Functional Fitness competitions these days.  You’ll see them at the CrossFit Games all the way down to a local comp or box throw down.  You’ll see plenty of people on YouTube cranking out some calories in their home gym too. 

They were used at the Troian Pro this year and at the AllStar Affiliate Series final, two of the largest competitions in the country.  And most of the athletes handled the Air Bike pretty well.  It seemed that most of the competitive athletes at these comps had plenty of experience riding an Air Bike and knew what to expect.  It was a sign that Assault Air Bikes have become a key tool in competition training for competitive athletes in Australia.


It’s a weird combo or cardio and strength 

The feeling you get from working hard on an Air Bike is difficult to explain in words, so you’ll need to experience it for yourself.  But the way an Air Bike works is that the torque from the pedals and arm levers are transferred to the fan at the front of the bike.  As the fan blades spin, the air they are moving against provides resistance back to the rider.  The harder the rider pushes it, the more resistance he feels. 

No matter what you throw at an Air Bike, it will throw fitness back at you twice as hard.  And that is where the magic happens. You’ll get fit. Fast!


It’s the best conditioning tool on the market.  Just ask anyone.

Just ask anyone about what it’s like to ride an Assault Air Bike and they’ll have a story for you.  It truly is one of the most effective training tools on the market.  The price has been recently reduced too, so you can be confident you’ll be getting one of the best pieces of training equipment on the market for an even better price.

No matter if you’re training in your home gym, or you are a gym owner looking to take your clients fitness to the next level, there is no doubt that Assault Air Bikes are a key piece of training equipment that will help you get to that next goal. 


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