The benefits of setting up a pro shop in your gym

Author: Adam Lesniak and Sacha Elms   Date Posted:22 April 2018 

Make extra revenue for your business and give your gym a professional edge. Here's how!

Setting up a Pro-Shop – Gym Reseller Program


It will give you a professional edge

Starting a Pro-Shop in your gym provides your business with a great professional edge, and you can ensure the quality of the items your members are purchasing. For example, clients who want to purchase their own rope won’t have to worry about shopping online, and only have a small walk to closely inspect the one they would like to try. This also means that it will be much easier for your clients to get a rope that is best suited to their needs (such as differing cable thickness, types of handle material as well as eyelet material) as the rope is there with them and not on a screen. Furthermore, they will have someone who is likely very experienced with teaching the applicable movements, who knows the athlete and what is best for them at that time.

This all sounds great, but amongst the stressors of running a gym and general life, setting up a Pro-Shop mightn’t be high on the priority list. Thankfully, we at Again Faster have you covered with our Gym Reseller Program (if you’re already part of our Banner Partner Program, our Reseller Program comes with signing up).  Due to high demand, we have opened this program to any gym that would like to provide their members with proven training accessories and also make a little extra revenue.  So what are the perks of signing up to this program?


You'll make extra revenue for your gym

You’ll get access to our specially priced Athlete Essentials training accessories to offer members in your Pro-shop, which you will earn a 25 – 35% margin when sold at retail. As well as this, it’s easy to order directly from our website (not to mention with free shipping on orders over $100), and simple to set up. Once you’ve signed up, we’ll send a Reseller Start Up Pack with a Free Standing or Wall mount merchandise stand, along with a selection of our higher selling products for immediate revenue generation. In saying this, we also offer a risk free 90 day buy back guarantee, so if any items don’t sell within the 90 day period, we will buy it back from you. Simple!


Get set up in no time

Setting up a Pro-Shop doesn’t have to be difficult for you and doing so also makes buying the right products much easier for your members. Make sure your members get high quality equipment on their first purchase.

To sign up and if you have any questions please email us at

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