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Our Heritage.
You may or may not have known that Again Faster Equipment was started in a small apartment in Boston  USA, by founder Jon Gilson and his roommate Patrick Cummings, and has grown to become an industry leading manufacturer and supplier of functional fitness equipment, world wide.  Gene Suna – Again Faster Australia / NZ Company Owner – was then approached by Jon Gilson to bring Again Faster to Australia.  Again Faster Australia started officially in 2012 at the Hard’Nup up Challenge.
Since 2006, we have provided the industry’s leading functional fitness equipment for your facility, box or home gym. Today, Again Faster is a global company and an industry thought leader servicing the fitness industry in over six countries including Australia and New Zealand. 
Throughout the world, our equipment has been proven in every condition imaginable and has been found to provide value for businesses and individuals alike. We’ve gotten there by designing, prototyping, and testing our equipment in-house. Every single piece of Again Faster equipment is subjected to rigorous abuse to make sure it meets the needs of a high-volume, high-impact facility.  We stand behind our equipment 100% and offer the best warranties in the business.
We’ve assembled a team who is composed of experienced athletes and coaches who know what you need to run a successful gym. Likewise, The Again Faster Business Panel has provided immense benefit to the community. This program has delivered key advice to thousands of affiliates around the globe which allowed them to open their doors with confidence and thrive.
If you need more help in setting up your gym, we are just one call, click or email away.  Give us a call at 1300 663 492 or email us at, we’ll be happy to assist you.
We look forward to working with you!