DEAD BALLS – Develop mid-line strength

Author: Again Faster Australia   Date Posted:12 June 2017 

We caught up with Nick Scott from CrossFit Langwarrin who told us how dead balls have helped develop his mid-line strength and carried over into all other areas of his training.


What piece of equipment are you loving at the moment? 

 I’ve been enjoying playing around with the Dead Balls. I’m doing light ones for reps and doing some holds with the heavier dead balls to help build that mid-line strength. This is something that I’ve incorporated in my training over the last month or so.


What sort of movements are you doing specifically, to dead balls?

I just have good fun. Whether it be a light dead ball or heats or reps or trying to lift a heavy dead ball over the shoulder. It’s a good workout but also good fun!


You can do Grace too, if you wanted? Or test yourself in different ways like that? That be a lot of fun for you?

Absolutely! Going Grace is a fun workout but I’m going to be over programmed actually. The dead ball holds that mid-line strength. I’ve really noticed this carried over into a lot of my other training as well. Be it with barbell work or gymnastics work, especially toaster bar, it’s been awesome just by incorporating the dead ball.


You might do a few carries, pick up a heavy dead ball carry from here to there, drop it and pick it up again?

Yeah, I don’t think we program carries enough. I mean, it is so difficult to do logistically in a class setting, especially in a smaller gym environment, but for my own training I really try to incorporate carries as often as I can and dead ball carry is challenging. It’s different since you will have that pressure on your sternum and make it a little bit harder to breathe as well but certainly carries over to a lot of other movements that we do.


Thanks again to Nick for the insight.  Check out CrossFit Langwarrin here and the Again Faster range of conditioning equipment and dead balls here.

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