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Fair Trading Policy | Again Faster Australia

You can visit the Fair Trading QLD website via this link to be up to date with the current Fair Trading Laws for Queensland Businesses.


Both consumers and businesses are protected by Fair Trading law.  If you have any Fair Trading queries, please contact us for information on reaching a reasonable remedy.



The nature of business requires items to be put on backorder.  Backorders are processed in the system manually by staff, or automatically via the technologies behind our website.  In either case, we will provide you with a reasonable remedy in line with Fair Trading Consumer Law if you require a backorder to be resolved.

Reasons for a backorder:

  • A popular item sells out, then can be backordered until the orders can be filled
  • An item can be pre-ordered as a “backorder”
  • Short supply of raw materials on the manufacturing side
  • High product demand on the manufacturing side, slowing distribution
  • An unanticipated change to the cargo manifest of a supply shipment
  • A supplier shipment delay – workplace accident / workers strike / contractor dispute / logistics dispute / etc.
  • A supplier shipment has been split into smaller shipments, arriving at separate times
  • A clearance item has been oversold and no further stock exists
  • A product in its final run may no longer be in production from our supplier


Delivery Delays

Delays to delivery may occur in business.  Delivery delays can happen for several reasons.  A reasonable remedy will be provided when a customer’s Consumer guarantee has been failed due to an unreasonably delayed delivery.

Reason for delivery delays:

  • The customer support is processing an influx of orders
  • The warehouse is processing an influx of orders
  • Illness or injury of a staff member
  • Administration error
  • System failure / data loss / paper work
  • Delayed courier pick up
  • Incorrect shipping details
  • Item lost in transit
  • Item delivered to incorrect address
  • Courier administration error
  • Item awaiting customer pick up at regional depot


In all cases, you are protected by Fair Trading Consumer guarantees for products.  You are entitled to and we will provide you with a refund, a credit towards another product of your choice, or a full credit to your account to use at a future date for any Minor or Major Failures against a consumer guarantee.  Refunds and credits will be calculated on the purchase price of the product or current value, if the product has been used, for example.


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