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What is True Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC)?

True Whey Protein Concentrate is our number one bestselling whey protein concentrate powder, is rich in nutrients and possesses an exceptional amino acid profile. True Whey Protein has an 80% protein content, which equates to a fantastic 23.9 grams of protein for each 30 gram serve.

True Whey Protein also contains carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, making it an ideal "all rounder" protein to assist you in achieving your fitness goals. Made from the finest New Zealand protein, experience a new benchmark in quality, flavour and nutritional content.

How can True Whey Protein enhance my training?

True Whey Protein is packed full of amino acids which are the building blocks of muscle.  By adding a high quality protein powder like True Whey Protein to your supplementation, you can dramatically enhance recovery as well as stimulate muscle growth.

True Whey Protein is a whey concentrate powder, which has one of the highest biological values of any protein source, meaning that when consumed it rapidly shuttles amino acids to where they are required in the body, whether it be for fuel or recovery. The speed of this process is significantly quicker than if you were to consume alternative protein sources such as fish or chicken, which is why you see so many people taking a protein shake immediately after exercise.

Supplementing your diet with a high quality whey protein powder can be equally effective in supporting fat burning goals. Research indicates that it can assist in moderating insulin sensitivity as well as decreasing appetite. For these reasons, having a protein shake can provide a high quality option for a meal replacement as it contains high protein content and only small amounts of fat and carbohydrates.

Why should I use True Whey Protein over other brands?

True Whey Protein has an exceptional nutritional profile and high protein content making it an optimal choice for your fitness and training goals. We have developed our protein powders with the aim of keeping ingredient lists as simple as possible, allowing maximum nutritional content and minimal unnecessary additives or fillers. In a nutshell, we have kept our profile as simple and natural as possible to deliver a high quality protein powder you can count on.

How else is True Whey Protein different from other brands?

We only use the finest New Zealand whey protein concentrate as the raw material that forms the basis of all our flavoured and natural True Whey Proteins. On top of this, we have made it an essential part of our development process to ensure that all flavouring/sweetening ingredients are 100% natural. Through using Stevia (a plant derived sweetener) with natural flavours and raw ingredients like cocoa and carob, we have been able to create a fantastic rich and natural taste without the artificial aftertaste that you experience with many other brands.


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WHEY PROTEIN CONCENTRATE review from Sara Landbeck

By: on 21 March 2018
Great product. Best protein powder I've used. Great with fruit smoothies in the mornings after CrossFit training

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