Again Faster Pull Up Rigs

Choose from the largest range of Rigs available in Australia

Choose from the largest range options available in the country

Get the best price / value through our pre-order scheme

20% discount on Pre-orders.  See the deal below

Pull Up Rigs - Again Faster

Get the new standard in Stability, Quality and Affordability

Get a custom quoted rig for your space

2x3 inch or 3x3 inch steel uprights 

8ft / 9.5ft / 12ft heights available

Pull Up Rigs with Accessories

You can personalise your rig to suit your space at your gym

Add any number of accessories at any time


Pull Up Rigs Accessories - Again Faster


Coloured Pull Up Rigs Blue and Green

Coloured Pull Up Rigs Red and Yellow

Get custom colour schemes to match your brand

Get a 20% discount on a p​re-order

We want you to have the best start up or re-vamp possible

Here's how it works:

  1. Contact us for a pre-order quote on a new Again Faster Rig
  2. Place a pre-order with us expecting to take delivery of your new rig in 5-6 weeks time from the end of month the order was placed
  3. Put down a 50% depost and save a huge amount of cash  - We'll give you 20% off
  4. Pay the balance when the rig is ready for delivery
  5. Take delivery of your rig

Here's a real life example of a recent customer in New South Wales:

  • A gym owner placed an order for a rig, bars, bumpers and a few other things.
  • The gym owner decided he didn't need the rig for a few weeks
  • We organised a pre-order for him
  • The customer saved over $1000.00, which made his barbells in the order essentially free!

Get the best rig available and save a huge amount of cash

Most people have a bit of time up their sleeve when they are shopping for a pull up rig.  Use that time in your favour and save a huge amount of cash with us.  Why would you do it any other way? 


Contact us at or 1300 663 492 for a qoute or more information


To get your Again Faster Rig Pre-order happening, click the link below to see our full rig line up, choose the one you need and give us a call:


Click here to see all the Again Faster Pull Up Rigs and accessories


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