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Barbell clubs are the engine rooms of the strength movement.  Everyone appreciates pure strength and beautiful weightlifting technique.  On this page, you'll find everything you need to get you under that bar and lifting hard!

8 Barbell Holder

8 Barbell Holder


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Bumper and Barbell Storage Tree
3% OFF RRP $338.80
Chalk Station

Chalk Station


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Competition Change Plate Set
20% OFF RRP $499.00
Gun Rack - Large

Gun Rack - Large


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Home Gym Utility Rack
13% OFF RRP $263.00
Jerk Blocks (Pair)

Jerk Blocks (Pair)


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9% OFF RRP $1,099.00
Wall Mounted Bumper Storage
17% OFF RRP $229.00
Evolution Barbell and 100kg Virgin Bumper Package
28% OFF RRP $1,108.00
Evolution Barbell and 150kg Virgin Bumper Package
19% OFF RRP $1,229.00
Training Bar -7kg

Training Bar -7kg


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Barbell Jack

Barbell Jack


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Inov8 FastLift
On Sale RRP $189.00
Competition Full Set
26% OFF RRP $3,396.00
Total Storage Rack - Lge
29% OFF RRP $1,330.00
Total Storage Rack - Sml
25% OFF RRP $867.00
Vertical Barbell Storage
6% OFF RRP $129.00
Team 2.0 Barbell and 140kg Training Bumper Package
13% OFF RRP $1,608.00
Competition Barbell and 140kg Bumper Package
20% OFF RRP $2,616.00

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